Authentication and remote access

Nexus Smart ID Digital access is a software-based authentication and federation solution used to enable secure access to digital services – no matter where those services or users are located. The product supports many user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) methods and provides identity federation, enabling users to log on just once (single sign-on) to reach all managed resources.

Nexus Smart ID Identity provider is a slimmed version of Smart ID Digital access, designed for you who need to use existing identities and authentication methods, but not the other features. For example, Smart ID Identity provider can be used together with Nexus GO Signing.

Advanced and Qualified Signatures, E-Seal


Signius and Signius Enterprise is a platform which may be utilized as enterprise signature server on customer premices, or as online SaaS platform, capable of organizing document exchange with signature processes in-place. It's possible to use it as internal EDX extension, and as a platform for speeding up client onboarding, retention, upsale.

Batch signing capabilities enable financial and telecommunications companies to securely deliver reports, statements, and other documents that are sensitive to integrity and repudiation issues.

Nexus Go Signing

The ready-to-use portal of the Nexus GO Signing service is a way to quickly implement automated and secure signature processes, without the need to implement or integrate any other systems. The service manages signatures centrally, in a trusted cloud service. The user can access the service at any time via secure authentication from any type of device, such as personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Several authentication methods can be used, for example,Smart ID Mobile App, a national Bank ID, or an ID badge with an existing electronic identity from your Active Directory. The signing portal helps you let several persons sign a document in the order you decide, using email notifications and automatic reminders.

PKI and Certificate Management

Evertrust Horizon

EverTrust Horizon is a seamless Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that extends PKIs capabilities to orchestrate certificates’ lifecycle automatically.

Using open protocols along with proprietary APIs, Horizon seamlessly integrates with corporate and cloud environments to manage certificates' lifecycle.
It supports many major CA software, such as Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager, Microsoft ADCS and others.

Horizon will take care of the issuance, renewal, and revocation of certificates hosted on servers, mobiles, workstations, and appliances/IoT on-premise or in the cloud.

Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager

Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) is a flexible, scalable, and high-security certificate authority (CA) software. Certificate Manager supports a wide range of certificate enrollment protocols, which enables you to issue, manage, and validate certificate-based electronic identities (eIDs) for people, infrastructure, software and devices. The component can be used for customized operations on-premises or in a hosted environment. Core certificate authority (CA) functionality is separated from remote administrative clients.

Identity Management

Nexus Smart ID Identity Manager / Nexus GO Workforce

Nexus Smart ID Identity Manager is a solution for centralized lifecycle management of identities for physical and digital access, to enable transparency, traceability and compliance across units and locations. With the automation of complex security processes, self-service functionality, approval steps and integration into the IT and physical access environment, Identity Manager helps you simplify on- and offboarding and reduce operational costs.

Nexus GO Workforce is a SaaS platformwith extended functionalities and wide standard library which simplifies the lifecycle management of identities and credentials based on certificates through streamlined processes. During the on-boarding process, a customer-specific certificate authority (CA) will be deployed in Nexus secure cloud. To issue identities can be handled by your registration officer or by the end-users through the self-service portal, depending on your requirements.

Benefits with GO Workforce:

  • Development: You will benefit from always using the most up-to-date software as well as common criteria certified software to issue digital identities.
  • Installation and configuration: We will set up and configure the solution and also ensure that your integrations are done.
  • Operation: Nexus' expert team ensures that your solution is kept secure, available and reliable over time.
  • Use: Your registration officers will use the administration interface and your end-users will use the self-service portal. Both tools are easy to use and reliable.