Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management

Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management

Enable passwordless authentication and simplify the full lifecycle management of your users’ digital identities on smartcards, mobile phones and laptops. Take advantage of the ready-to-use workflows, automation and self-service functions in Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management.

What are digital identities?

Digital identities are based on public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates and stored on smart cards, Yubico devices or virtual smart cards on mobile phones or laptops. These digital identities can be used by employees and customers to log in to Windows with two-factor authentication (2FA), access cloud resources and servers, send encrypted emails and digitally sign documents.

Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management is a set of best-practice processes for how to issue, maintain and block identities during their full lifecycle, including self-service and integration to enterprise applications. Through the wide variety of easy-to-use credentials, the solution offers a great user experience.

How does it work?

Legacy systems are often built up of many vendor’s separate solutions, such as one or several smart cards, middleware, mini drivers, a card management system and various certificate authorities (CAs).

With Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management, Nexus removes the complexity and lets you manage the lifecycle of all digital identities in one system, with the help of self-service and automated processes.

Nexus Smart ID Digital ID management has the following key features:

  • Lifecycle management of smart cards and virtual smart cards
  • Mobile app for great user experience using virtual smart cards
  • Best-practice processes for standard use cases
  • Self-service and automated workflows
  • Approval steps to ensure authorized identity issuance
  • Synchronization of data with a directory service
  • Integration of certificate authorities (CA) from multiple vendors
  • Object history and reporting to enable auditing and compliance

These digital IDs can be managed:

Smart Cards

Let one card cover all your needs to access sites and buildings, identify yourself visually, log in to Windows, sign documents digitally and encrypt emails.

Mobile virtual Smart Cards

Get access to digital resources, sign documents and encrypt emails, by using digital identities in a mobile app on the smartphone or tablet.

Virtual Smart Cards

Log in to Windows, access other digital local or cloud resources, sign documents or encrypt emails, by using virtual smart cards on the laptop.

Why Nexus Smart ID is a best choice

Complete solution.

Integrates to existing directories and helps cut down costs and administration, by offering self-service and automation.

Smooth Management

Includes best-practice use cases for the full lifecycle from on- to offboarding.


Enables compliance to local and global regulations, through smooth management, traceability and automated processes.